Step 3 -- Digital Photography Tutorial on How to PRE-VISUALIZE

Landscape Photos: Digital Photography Tutorial.

An important step in developing your personal style is knowing how to visualize a shot in your head before you take it. I find that when I haven't previsualized I tend to shoot a bunch of photos just so I don't miss something that might be good. This following video follows a landscape photographer, Nigel Danson from pre-visualization to print.

One of the biggest things overlooked by many landscape photographers is the importance of pre-visualizing a photography. If you do not previsualize before making a photograph, you might go to the site, compose your shot, and go home with no idea of what you got or how you want to edit it.

This video by Nigel Danson is more than just a digital photography tutorial for landscape photography. It is also about the importance and process of creating and editing an image from what you visualize and feel when you press the shutter and take a photo.

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