Make Beautiful Landscape Photography
Like the Pros... in 7 Steps!

Searching for secrets to improve your Landscape Photography?

Are you feeling frozen because you don't know what to do next?

This site is all about discovering the steps the pros use to make beautifual landscape photos.  So, whether you enjoy the solitary, blissful moments in the field... or the fellowship of a group workshop... or tweeking the layers in photoshop... search this site to find ways to improve your skills.

Ansel Adams Landscape

In the digital camera world of Photo Steps we go beyond how to take a photograph (i.e., point and shoot, then email it to a friend).  Instead, we will show you how to "make it" by following these 7 steps:

1. Camera gear
2. Take a workshop
3. Previsualization
4. Field Work
5. Post Processing
6. Printing
7. Fine Art Finishing