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Print of the month size and pricing
All the images in the print of the month comes in the same mat size: 16x20. All the photographs are 15" wide. Most images are 10" high, but the exact height varies with the proportions of each image. In short, rectangular images are 10x15 panoramics are about 7x15 and square images are 15x15 (all sizes are in US inches).

All prints of the month are offered at the same price (see below). You can select to have your photograph either matted, or matted and framed. Shipping is free, no matter where you live in the world.

There is however a pricing difference between the previous prints of the month and the current print of the month: the current print of the month, is priced $200 lower than previous prints of the month. Here are the prices:


For US orders, shipping costs are included in the Print of the Month price. US orders are shipped via US Priority Mail insured and trackable.

For International orders shipping costs are calculated based on destination. If you live outside of the US you will receive a shipping quote after you placed your order. International and overseas orders are shipped via US Airmail insured.

Each package is professionally packed and insured for its full value by us. We guarantee that you will receive your matted or framed photograph in perfect condition or we will replace it. Simply contact us and return the damaged photograph to us. We will ship you a new piece right away at no extra cost.

One month, 100% Money Back Guarantee
All purchases are covered by my unique 100% Take one month to decide money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason just return it (in original condition) for a refund or credit. Take one month to decide.

The simplest way to order is to use the order buttons above. These buttons are the same for all the prints of the month. After you place your order, simply email us at alain@beautiful-landscape.com with the title of the photograph you want. We will not ship your order before hearing from you, so there is nothing to worry about.

If you prefer, you can also call toll free at 800-949-7983 or 928-252-2466 and place your order over the phone using any credit card.

Or, you can email your order. Click here to download your pdf emailable order form, fill in your shipping and credit card information and email it back 24 hrs a day.

You can also return your order form by mail if you like. Sales tax is added to orders shipped to Utah. No tax is charged on international or out of state orders.

a) Document Name

Insert the name of the document...

b) Goal


Highlight the goal or purpose of what you are presenting, in a sentence or two...

Buying a home is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Protect your hard-earned cash with a Home Inspection before you sign on the dotted line.

c) Heading and Opening Paragraph

Your main heading is the first thing your visitor sees when visiting any page on your site. As a result, each heading must do two things well...

i) Flag visitors in a concise and appealing way...

“10 Ways A House Inspector Can Eliminate Uncertainty and Save You Money!”

It’s a great big Web out there. Your visitor’s time is at a premium. Don’t make her guess what your article is about. It’s far easier to hit the Back button, returning to the SERP.

ii) Pull the visitor into your article. The heading example above is more effective than just writing...
      “Hiring a Home Inspector”

Why? A good headline reaches an all-important emotional connection that pulls the reader into the content.

A strong heading not only makes a visitor feel that she must read your article, it also makes her feel that she would lose out by not reading it. Nobody likes to be left forlornly standing on the sidelines.
Follow your eye-catching heading with a brief paragraph that presents your conclusion first (i.e., the “inverted pyramid” style)...

After weeks of searching and viewing houses and neighborhoods, you finally discovered the perfect house that has everything you want. You can hardly wait to sign the papers and start living the dream. But now is the time for patience. Do not rush.

Finish the most important part of your research first... Get a home inspection. A cracked foundation, dry rot, or a leaking roof is not the kind of surprise you want after you take ownership of the house.

A Home Inspector can ensure your peace of mind and save you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. It’s one of the smartest investments you will ever make!

d) Body

People read differently online – they scan text, briefly skimming material for the most relevant points. Divide the body of your discussion into small paragraphs, one point per paragraph. Use subheadings to pull your visitors down into your content and allow them to quickly grasp what you are presenting.

Subheadings make it easy for individuals to zoom in on the most relevant parts for them. Shape the body of your presentation in this manner...
i)  Subheading and Point #1
ii)  Subheading and Point #2
iii)  Subheading and Point #3

And so on. For example...
      Point #1 – Common concerns
      Point #2 – What you can’t see, can hurt you!
      Point #3 – Checklist for home evaluation

Add notes under each subheading, as ideas occur to you. There is no need for brilliant composition. Just get your ideas organized and down “on paper” before you forget them. You’ll polish and tie it all together later.

e) Conclusion

Cleanly summarize your presentation. Depending upon your monetization model, now is an appropriate moment to insert an in-context product or service recommendation (your own,
or one that you represent) and a link...

Mary Smith’s “21 Tips for the New Home Buyer” will help you make a wise investment. She covers all the must-know details, including how to hire a credible home inspector. You, as a first-time home buyer, will not go wrong with Mary’s book - it’s filled with valuable information guaranteed to make your home purchase smooth and headache- free. I heartily endorse it. 

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